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Trading Room – 15 Oct 2018

A rebound is expected this week for the Malaysia and global markets within a weak/downtrend market (see the Special Reports in the MPAP).

Should you participate as a trader in this rebound or should you stay aside? The answer lies in knowing where exactly is this rebound in the entire long term trend of the market in the coming weeks which is explained quite extensively in the MPAP report.

Meanwhile, an extracted list of the Model Portfolio for institutional investors are appended for MPAP traders (see Special Report in the MPAP). These are also used by us for the Discretionary Trading (DT) Program, the details of the program which are available at the website and powered exclusively by our Master Algorithm in the Algorithm Division.

We have further upgraded the volatility study extensively of the Master Algorithm to aid us in picking tops and bottoms and we are pleased with the upgrade.

Do note that picking tops and bottoms are one of the hardest and riskiest elements of trading but one of the most lucrative as well and as elite traders, we always want to get as close as possible to a new trend or reversal to minimise our risk and maximise the reward.

The new upgrade will also allow us to identify potential explosive moves to trade and get in as early as possible on these moves such as the ones seen recently in Frontken and KGB on the Trading Sheet (TS), which rose over 70% and 30% respectively.

While the new upgrade is primarily for Institutional and our DT Program management, we will also use part of it for the benefit of MPAP traders in our TS and other materials available under the MPAP.

The rise in volatility on the local market thus come at a most opportunetime for the Algorithm to exploit in the coming days/weeks/months and this will be highlighted in the MPAP report for elite traders to take advantage of.

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Warrants over Sapura Energy in focus

Warrants Commentary (24 to 28 Sep)

We saw a drop in warrants turnover to RM291.3mil. last week, as investors chose to lay low ahead of the Federal Open Market Committee meeting last Wednesday (26 Sep), and due to the public holiday in Hong Kong last Tuesday (25 Sep). As expected, the Federal Reserve lifted its benchmark rate by a quarter point, increasing the fed funds rate to a range of 2% to 2.25%. Continue reading Warrants over Sapura Energy in focus

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HSI warrants heavily traded as index gained 2.4% w-o-w

Warrants Commentary (17 to 21 Sep)

Last week, the US-China trade war sharply escalated as the Trump administration announced that it is imposing another 10% tariffs on USD200 bil. worth of Chinese good, with effect today (Monday, 24 Sept). Following the announcement Continue reading HSI warrants heavily traded as index gained 2.4% w-o-w

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Warrants over HSI and Hibiscus in the spotlight

Warrants Commentary (27 to 30 Aug)

Last week, the Hang Seng Index (HSI) finally escaped the 27,000 level as the index kick-started the week on a bullish note, jumping 2.2% to close at 28,217.3 points last Monday. The index continued its strong performance, surging 0.5% on Tuesday and Wednesday, before losing 1.9% on Thursday and Friday to finish at 27,888.6 points. Despite the short week in Malaysia, trading over HSI warrants remained popular, accounting for approximately 80% of the total warrants turnover. Continue reading Warrants over HSI and Hibiscus in the spotlight

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HSI proves resilience with last week’s 1.7% recovery

Warrants Commentary (20 to 24 Aug)

Once again, structured warrants over the volatile Hong Kong Hang Seng Index (HSI) were favored by investors last week, due in part to the slower week on the local front in view of the Hari Raya Haji public holiday and the school holidays. The volatile futures regained 1.7% week-on-week (w-o-w) to close at 27,595 last Friday after suffering a steep 3.8% w-o-w decline the previous week. Continue reading HSI proves resilience with last week’s 1.7% recovery

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Troubled week for HSI futures with 4-day decline

Warrants Commentary (13 to 17 Aug)

The volatile Hang Seng Index (HSI) futures suffered a bad start last week, parting with gains from the previous week.  In line with US markets, the HSI futures plunged 346 points or 1.2% on Monday, with the decline continuing until Thursday, where the futures almost closed below the 27,000 level.  The huge decline since June 2018 Continue reading Troubled week for HSI futures with 4-day decline

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Trade tensions back to haunt the Hang Seng Index

Warrants Commentary (30 Jul to 3 Aug)

Last Wednesday (1 Aug), US President Donald Trump threatened to increase tariffs on USD200bil. worth of Chinese goods to 25%, more than double the tariff that was initially planned. The White House said that the proposed tariffs adjustment is intended to pressure China into changing its trade policies. China had again warned that it would retaliate if the US went ahead with the plan (1 Aug, BBC). Continue reading Trade tensions back to haunt the Hang Seng Index

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Equity markets end the week in the green

Warrants Commentary (23 Jul to 27 Jul)

Global equities had a turnaround performance last week, driven by strong earnings reported by US tech companies such as Google parent Alphabet, Biogen and others. Further, last Wednesday, President Trump and European commission president Jean-Claude Juncker agreed to start talks in reducing tariffs and other trade barriers related to industrial goods, apart from cars and car parts (Financial Times, 26 July). The S&P 500 Index was up 1.3% from the previous Friday to 2,837.4 points (at the time of writing). Continue reading Equity markets end the week in the green