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Things you can spend with $999, instead of the iPhone X

It is that time of the year again, Apple is at it at their annual Keynote event. Anyone stayed up to watch the unveiling? The iPhone X is boasting with several new and unique features that would probably make you want to get your hands on it.


C’mon, Animoji. Who doesn’t need it man. [img source: apple]

Apple is pricing the iPhone X at an extravagant amount of $999, which is at the current USD – MYR rate, approximately RM4200. Well, instead of spending on that hefty amount, let’s see what we can do with all that cash?

Go on a vacation

Summer Holiday Dog
doggo needs vacay too.

With that amount of money you could probably go on a trip to places like Korea, Japan, Thailand! or even to a western country (well, on a budget trip that is). Grab a flight ticket at a promotional rate, below RM1000 and you’ll have RM3200 for expenditures!

Treat your family or friends to a great meal

img source: IG @instawern3

Grab a few of your friends! Treat your loved one’s to a great meal. What’s better than spending on the one’s you love eh?

Attend courses or classes for self-improvement


Instead of getting yourself a new gadget, why not invest in yourself for a better you? Learn something new! it’s always good to get a new skill or gain some knowledge.

Go on a shopping spree!


Why buy one item when you can buy more! This is  for the shopaholics out there. Think about all the clothes, shoes, accessories and bags that you can buy with all that moolah!

Donate to a cause



If you have a big heart, whether it is for the poor, the needy or even animal shelters, it is always a great feeling to give.

Save the money and invest




While its awesome to spend, it’ll always be a better choice to save your money and grow your wealth! Put that money to good use, who knows you might even gain enough to get an iPhone X by the release date?

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