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Do not save your money!

Everyone wants to achieve financial freedom ; to provide for the family, to have a better lifestyle, to travel. Whatever it may be, achieving financial freedom is no ordinary feat. Thankfully it is achievable by having investments, no matter the type of investment as these investments will fund you for life.

Why invest?

One word. Inflation.

Bad luck Brian faces inflation. Don’t be like Brian, start investing.

If an individual does not invest it is their demise, as the value of money depreciates over time with factors such as Inflation Rates and Interest Rates. Overtime, inflation causes general increase in prices. Let’s take flour for example, the removal of flour subsidy of RM8.25 for a 25kg bag of wheat flour has caused eateries to raise their Roti Canai prices by RM0.20 to RM1.20 per serving!


The Evolution of Roti

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If you want to get that Ferrari by 30? go backpacking at 25? Open a Hipster Cafe? start your investments right away to beat the inflation! But what investments you say? Well, let’s talk about the options you have out there.




These are the investments that one can look into to grow one’s wealth. There are multiple types out there but it all boils down to an individuals preference, risk appetite as well as one’s capital.


M+ Online actually offers you a few of the above (well, in away).

  • 2.3% to 2.7% interest p.a on your trust
  • Discretionary Trading Services
  • Stock Trading


Start now! don’t wait until it’s too late.

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