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The Algorithm gives early warning signal

As warned by our Master Algorithm earlier, the local market went into
a sharp correction and the US market also sold off yesterday.
The selldown could be just the beginning (at least for the US market)
and the local market could be only in the middle of its correction.
Conservative traders should stay out of the market while aggressive
traders may pick up stocks on rebound with tight stop loss soon.

Upside however is limited with a clear hit-and-run approach only.

On hindsight for one stock, Telekom, we should have stop out at RM3.18 but
decided to wait until SS RM3.00, which was broken yesterday and
showed that its always unwise not to keep to the Algorithm stop loss.
We remain cash rich overall however thanks to warning from the Algorithm scanning and we prefer to stay on the sidelines first while awaiting cheaper prices to buy back in.