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Blood in the streets?

Trading Room – 24 Oct 2018

Stock prices are falling everywhere and Malaysian stocks were sold down yesterday as well with the KLCI falling by 1.44% to 1,697, with even defensive stocks getting hammered.

Should you be surprised at the scale of the selldown?

How low can some of the sectors and stocks go?

Are we near the lows or still far from it?

Are you still holding stocks to the brim hoping for some sunshine to come back or will the thunderstorm persist?

Can traders buy into a bounce, if it happens?

As elite traders, we must always be ready and on top of market developments and be ready to seize the opportunities when they come.

And you must have the capital ready to capitalise on it.

Obviously, those caught holding “abandoned babies” or “recent darlings” at high prices is now proving to be very painful not to mention depriving a trader of lost opportunities to buy at bargain prices when the time comes.

We hope our fellow elite traders are in full cash position now to capitalise on lower prices and have taken all their gains earlier if they have been following the mPower reports and escape the current meltdown.

Share prices are dynamic and moving fast in the current volatile environment.

Most analysts, investors and media are trying to rationalise the selldown and if this is the case, they will be behind the curve and ill-prepared for it.

Avoid being like a sheep (ignorant), buffalo (reckless) or chicken (too fearful) in the animal farm analogy for traders and second guessing your trading position or portfolio.

The answer is always crystal clear when you piece together all the big data movements and see the clear hidden pattern in what seems to be unstructured cluttered data.

Traders and investors being human beings after all move with a herd mentality.

Our Master Algorithm, which power our mPower Algorithm and mPower Trading programs, analyses millions of data on local and global stocks, markets and indices and paints a complete picture of what is really happening to Malaysia and the global markets now and what elite traders should do now.

By looking at the full analysis of the Master Algorithm on millions of data pieced together, we think the answer is actually quite clear what elite traders should expect soon from the market.

Note: Certain info presented here has been redacted to comply with the agreement with elite members of the mPower Algorithm program and mPower Trading program. Please refer to the full report inside for the complete info.