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Discretionary Trading?

Discretionary Trading Services shares some similar characteristics with Individually Managed Accounts provided in Australia or Discretionary Portfolio Management Services listed on Fundsupermart in Hong Kong, where an investor would have the capacity to invest like a sophisticated investor with a much lower entry cost (RM100,000). In late 2014, the Securities Commission has liberalized the capital market and services regulation to include Discretionary Trading Services for the Malaysian public.

Under Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd, it is designed as a cost-effective portfolio management services undertaken by licensed dealers’ representatives registered with the Securities Commission. It comes with zero management fees and no sales charges with comprehensive management of one’s portfolio that includes stocks research and analysis, portfolio construction, management, and rebalancing according to investors’ risk preferences.

This would alleviate the need for constant portfolio monitoring and investment making decisions, which are crucial components when one has an equities investment portfolio. In turn, our investors would receive a monthly portfolio statement that details all transactions that were undertaken over the reporting month period, namely, purchase date, stocks, prices, quantities, and values.

With that, the investors are well kept informed of how his/her portfolio was managed on a monthly basis with a measurement of net investment performance on a yearly basis. Additionally, Discretionary Trading investor would also receive a quarterly performance and outlook report on the broader stock market performances, industry reviews, and company commentaries.

At this current juncture, Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd is the only stockbroker in Malaysia that offers Discretionary Trading Services, making us the pioneer in this respect. In line with our company’s mission to provide innovative financial solutions to the investing public at large, we believe that this would add as an array of valuable services in the long run.