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HSI-C7F and HSI-H8B among investors’ favourites

Warrants Commentary (14 October to 18 October)

The Hang Seng Index (HSI) futures continued to trend higher last week after a strong performance from the prior week. Last Monday, the HSI futures opened at 26,420.0 and finished the day with a 0.5% gain. On the same day, the US said that they are eyeing to clinch ‘phase one’ of the US-China trade deal, though China wants another round of talks before signing, according to sources (CNBC, 14 Oct). The HSI futures fell 0.2% on Tuesday before rebounding 1.5% over the next two days to finish at 26,881.0 points on Thursday. The bullish momentum hit a wall on Friday when China released weaker than expected third quarter gross domestic product (GDP) data as a result of the prolonged trade dispute (Bloomberg, 18 Oct). The HSI futures pulled back from October’s high of 27,016.0 to close 0.8% lower at 26,675.0 last Friday.

Last week, the Malaysia warrants market saw a total of RM320.5mil traded, which is a 16.8% increase from a week ago. Warrants over the HSI continued to dominate the warrants space with a RM233.2mil turnover. Among the most active warrants, call warrant HSI-C7F topped the list with RM96.4mil traded. Bullish investors took the opportunity of each fall in the HSI futures to collect this call warrant, net buying a total of 7.3mil units at the end of last week. Meanwhile, investors who are bearish on the HSI instead favoured put warrant HSI-H8B, which saw RM50.4mil traded. Investors accumulated a total of 10.3mil units as the bid price of this put warrant declined 27.3% week-on-week (w-o-w) to RM0.200.

On the local front, call warrant GTRONIC-C1 emerged as the top traded stock warrant with RM3.7mil turnover last week. Another notable warrant which investors heavily traded was MYEG-C82, which saw RM2.7mil traded as the underlying share price had the worse weekly decline since May 2019. MY E.G. Services (MYEG), an e-government services provider, saw its share price lose a total of 10.0% on Thursday and Friday combined. Investors who were looking for a rebound in MYEG shares took home 4.1mil units of MYEG-C82 as the bid price of this call warrant fell 35.0% w-o-w to finish at RM0.065 last Friday.

Top warrants by value traded:

Warrant name Value
Issuer Exercise level Expiry date
HSI-C7F 90.4 Macquarie 27,400 30 Dec 2019
HSI-H8B 50.4 Macquarie 25,600 28 Nov 2019
HSI-H8E 32.2 Macquarie 24,600 30 Dec 2019
HSI-H8F 20.2 Macquarie 26,400 30 Dec 2019
HSI-C7J 9.6 Macquarie 30,000 27 Feb 2020

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