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The Power of Wiz: Stock Recap

How can M+ Wiz actually help you? To help you understand, what better way than to show you the performance.

Over the span of the past two weeks during our MCO, we tracked the performance of M+ Wiz. Here’s how the stocks that we saw in M+ Wiz performed.


Detected on the 2nd April 2020


Current chart as of 16th April 2020


UZMA was triggered at RM0.465 on 2nd April along with the recovery in Oil Price. The price went as high as RM0.69 on 9th April. Given recent selling down in crude oil price,  UZMA is retracing with immediate support at RM0.47-RM0.53.


Detected on 3rd April 2020


Current chart as of 16th April 2020


Euro was initially alerted on 03 April’s 9.12 a.m at RM0.485 and went as high as RM0.90 on 09 April. The stock could be moving into distribution, whereby some selling pressure is sighted.


Detected on 7th April 2020


Current chart as of 16th April 2020


Dufu was alerted on our M+ Wiz’s rule Support Rebound at RM3.21 which came in line with a potential Pennant chart pattern. However, the formation didn’t materialise but continue to trade in consolidation. Bullish outlook remains intact with confirmation of buy continuation will come in upon the breakout of RM3.40.


Detected on 8th April 2020


Current chart as of 16th April 2020


The alert on HARTA was triggered on 8th April as the price action met M+ Wiz rule: [Trend] Buyers Intact when it broke above previous day high and resistance level of RM7.20. Although we spotted a price-volume divergence, the price went higher and hit the highest RM7.73 yesterday. Traders should remain cautious on the divergence despite the rally.


Detected on 10th April 2020


Current chart as of 16th April 2020


POHKONG was triggered at RM0.455 when having a surge in volume traded on 10 April’s 9.21am. Jewellery companies came under the spotlight as the gold price was trading near its highest level since 2013. Its price continued to go higher amid the rally in gold price, however it took a pause at RM0.505. Further upside remains with immediate resistance at RM0.55.


Detected on 10th April 2020


Current chart as of 16th April 2020


Similarly, TOMEI was triggered at RM0.345 as having resistance breakout on 10th April. It rallied towards its resistance of RM0.48 and expected to retrace from the respective level. TOMEI’s price was lifted higher compared to POHKONG due to its smaller number of share issued which is less than 200 million.


Detected on 13th April 2020


Current chart as of 16th April 2020


SCOMNET was triggered at RM0.685 on M+ Wiz during Monday’s 9.11am when the volume was elevated, under rule Resistance – Breakout with High Volume. The rally continued and went as high as RM0.765 today. However as the price came near to the resistance of RM0.80, the upside is limited.

Were you able to catch any of the stock that rallied?

Basically, M+ Wiz is a tool that can guide you in your trading journey. It provides strategies that are able to detect stocks when certain criteria are being met. Want to know more about M+ Wiz?

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