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M+ Wiz: Getting the Right Trigger

ADVENTA (7191)

ADVENTA (7191) appears to be one of the outperforming stocks that alerted on M+ Wiz today. It was triggered at 9.12AM this morning when the stock was trading at RM0.755. ADVENTA went as high as RM0.975, and closed at RM0.915, with 20.5 cents/28.87% added for the day. 


How ADVENTA is being spotted on our M+ Wiz and under what criteria that it is identified as a high probability trade?


“BUYERS INTACT” detects the stocks that are moving on an uptrend and continue to trade higher. 

Some examples of triggered stocks are as below:

TOPGLOV (7113)


OCNCASH (0049)

CAREPLS (0163)


BUYERS INTACT will be triggered when the price traded higher, mostly active during the morning session. This strategy is suitable for momentum traders and scalpers who trade along with the continuation rally in the share price. 

However, we will need to be aware and also to avoid some of the false alerts triggered. False alert normally happens on some illiquid counters where it meets the algorithm but difficult to trade and sustain the momentum. Examples as below:

GOB (1147)


PEB (5622)


Tricks to select good setup for BUYERS INTACT

In our previous post, we illustrated simple steps to identify high probability trade setup for REDTONE which shot up 32% higher! How about the credentials to identify a good setup for BUYERS INTACT?

Example: ADVENTA

ADVENTA presented a good trading setup as it met following conditions on its 30-min chart:

  1. Price is going on an uptrend 
  2. Rally in price comes along with the uprising in trading volume
  3. Mild profit-taking during the previous day afternoon session
  4. Retracement in the rally comes with a lower volume
  5. MACD crossed/bounced from its 9-days signal line which indicates momentum

If we look into examples above (TOPGLOV, OCNCASH and CAREPLS), we can find similar setup and criteria on the chart. You can find more from our M+ Wiz chart in our platform too! Trading will be easy once we are able to crystalize and identify our high probability trading method.

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