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Create An Edge for your trading

29th April 2020

Many have a misconception that trading is as good as gambling, as traders are betting their money on an unpredictable outcome. Yet, one thing that they do not know is in trading, a trader able to study and makes strategies to increase their winning edges. So, what is your winning edge in this trading game?

M+ Wiz can be your edge in trading if you able to learn, study and fully utilize the tool. In M+ Wiz, there are more than 10 rules which cover both bullish and bearish triggers. For beginners, it is recommended to focus and stick with a few rules first. One that we are going to cover in today’s post is Resistance – Breakout with High Volume.

Resistance Breakout with High Volume on ASTRO (6399), on 27th April 2020

Before going to that, below are some Simple Steps to Configure the Alert List based on own preferences:

1. Select Alert Settings

2. Decide on price range for alerts and Apply

Example of price range between RM0.20 until RM5.00. Only stocks within this price range will appears on Alert list.

3. Tick the preferred rules

All the bullish rules are ticked except for RSI buy rules (RSI Oversold – Cross below 30)

4. Save settings

Save the Alerts setting so that only the ticked rules appear every time when launches the M+ Wiz

Rules: Resistance – Breakout with High Volume

What is Resistance?

Resistance, or a resistance level, is the price point at which the rise in the price of an asset is halted by the emergence of a growing number of sellers who wish to sell at that price.

By Investopedia

It is quite logical to purchase a stock when the number of buyers have overtake the number of sellers who sold their shares at resistance level. However many encounter issues such as buying the resistance false break, or the momentum didn’t follow after the breakout. Here comes million dollars question: How to select a high probability resistance breakout?

One of the important criteria is the Volume Transacted. Volume represents the buying interests. When the price breakout happens without a strong volume, the buying interests can be weak thus lead to a weak momentum or even a false break. Therefore, our M+ Wiz’s trading rules have filtered on this aspect and only identify the Resistance Breakout with High Volume.

Both breakout came with a significantly higher volume in comparison to previous day.

Besides Volume Transacted, another criteria that increased the winning probability of breakout is Price Consolidation at resistance. If share price able to consolidate near the resistance level before the breakout, the breakout is likely to be genuine and strong. It convinces the market that the breakout is valid as buying interests is strong enough to keep the price consolidates at the resistance, rather than strong selling pressure rejection from resistance.

Example 1: ASTRO (6399)

Price has been consolidating near resistance before the breakout

Example 2: HEXZA (3298)

Circled shows the price stalled near the resistance before the breakout

Example 3: DUFU (7233)

Squared box shows the consolidation near the resistance level

Example 1: ASTRO illustrated a consolidation near resistance at RM0.88 area, and bullish signal came in amid the breakout with Marubozu bullish candle.

Example 2: HEXZA which is alerted earlier on [Trend] Support Rebound, made consolidation near resistance of RM0.845. Buying momentum kicked in as the breakout came in with high volume after the consolidation, spiked more than 5% within a day.

Example 3: DUFU has been consolidating at the resistance and had a false break earlier. Yet, the price continued to consolidate near resistance and made second attempts of breakout. This breakout stands a better winning probability due to a higher volume transacted which shown on Box 1 and Box 2.


Last but no least, the probability of winning will be increased if the entry comes amid the MACD is above center line. MACD indicates a positive momentum and trend when it is above the center line.

MACD is above center line, also known as zero-level

In summary, our trading entry for Resistance – Breakout with High Volume can have a higher probability if:-

  1. High volume transacted on breakout
  2. Price been consolidated near resistance before breakout
  3. MACD is above center line

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