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Don’t Miss Out on All These Calls Anymore!

It was a bullish day for Malaysia ‘s stock equities market. The benchmark index, FBMKLCI returned above 1,500 marking whereby it added 17.55 points to close at 1,507.69 today. Market was in a chaos as Glove companies were encountered panic selling after the margin capping for rubber stocks have been tightened by several IBs and brokers. Continue reading Don’t Miss Out on All These Calls Anymore!

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Revisiting G-Love

After a long weekend break, the KLSE market is actively traded on Tuesday with a total traded volume of 6.392 billion. Healthcare sector attracts strong trading interests, notably Glove Manufacturing companies. Among the top 10 gainers, 6 of them are Glove Manufacturer (TOPGLOV, COMFORT, RUBEREX, SUPERMX, KOSSAN and CAREPLS) Continue reading Revisiting G-Love

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Limit Up on HEXZA (3298)

Congratulations for those who traded HEXZA and made profits! HEXZA (3298) has gone limit up, added 29.5 cents to close at RM1.21 on Monday. This stock has been mentioned previously in our posts, and alerted on our M+ Wiz trading system as well.

To look back or find out why HEXZA is selected, you can refer to our previous post as below:

HEXZA was alerted at 9.02AM

HEXZA was again alerted on M+ Wiz today, triggered the rule [TREND] Buyers Intact, 2 minutes after market opened. We believe the surge in the company share price is likely due to the increased trading interests on companies in chemical industry. This comes amid the high demand of sanitisation products for disinfecting the properties and premises before re-opening for business operation.

On Friday, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin spoke on the easing of restrictions in which a number of activities were allowed to resume today under a conditional Movement Control Order (MCO). It is a must to follow standard operating procedure (SOP) issued by the ministry.

HEXZA CORP BHD’s principal business is in the manufacture and sales of formaldehyde based adhesives and resins for timber related industries, ethyl alcohol, natural vinegar, cooler, liquefied carbon dioxide and kaoliang wine.

Resistance Breakout upon opening in HEXZA

Alert on HEXZA is identified to be a high probability one as:

  • Point 1: Resistance Breakout on 30-minute chart after the price retraced from the high on Thursday
  • Point 2: Little volume transacted during price retracement which indicates absence of profit taking
  • Point 3: MACD crossed above its 9-days Signal line. An indication of potential buying momentum.
HEXZA is alerted again during afternoon session

Wiz was able to identify another good probability setup for HEXZA during afternoon session. HEXZA was alerted twice as the price broke above the intraday resistance and morning high after consolidating near top. Volume transacted during the consolidation retracement was low which indicates a healthy pull back and a potential upward continuation when the price breakout happens with strong volume.

What’s next?

HEXZA’s share price is hitting its all time high at RM1.21. However, the indicator Relative Strength Index (RSI) is showing Overbought signal which indicates a potential limited upside. Share price might continue to rally higher, but it is advisable to take profit swiftly to avoid being caught in the potential near term retracement.

HEXZA share price continued to go higher and hit upper limit of RM1.21 during afternoon session with strong volume. On the 30-minute chart, we do not see any retracement take place to digest the surge. If the share price retraces back to 20-days Moving Average with a diminishing volume, the buying pressure is likely to stay intact and continue the upward trending.

However if the share price continues to surge higher and moves further away from the Moving Average lines, short term traders can consider to take profit on a technical overbought. Traders can use RM1.30, RM1.40 and RM1.50 as the immediate resistance for short term trading.


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Create An Edge for your trading

29th April 2020

Many have a misconception that trading is as good as gambling, as traders are betting their money on an unpredictable outcome. Yet, one thing that they do not know is in trading, a trader able to study and makes strategies to increase their winning edges. So, what is your winning edge in this trading game?

M+ Wiz can be your edge in trading if you able to learn, study and fully utilize the tool. In M+ Wiz, there are more than 10 rules which cover both bullish and bearish triggers. For beginners, it is recommended to focus and stick with a few rules first. One that we are going to cover in today’s post is Resistance – Breakout with High Volume.

Resistance Breakout with High Volume on ASTRO (6399), on 27th April 2020

Before going to that, below are some Simple Steps to Configure the Alert List based on own preferences:

1. Select Alert Settings

2. Decide on price range for alerts and Apply

Example of price range between RM0.20 until RM5.00. Only stocks within this price range will appears on Alert list.

3. Tick the preferred rules

All the bullish rules are ticked except for RSI buy rules (RSI Oversold – Cross below 30)

4. Save settings

Save the Alerts setting so that only the ticked rules appear every time when launches the M+ Wiz

Rules: Resistance – Breakout with High Volume

What is Resistance?

Resistance, or a resistance level, is the price point at which the rise in the price of an asset is halted by the emergence of a growing number of sellers who wish to sell at that price.

By Investopedia

It is quite logical to purchase a stock when the number of buyers have overtake the number of sellers who sold their shares at resistance level. However many encounter issues such as buying the resistance false break, or the momentum didn’t follow after the breakout. Here comes million dollars question: How to select a high probability resistance breakout?

One of the important criteria is the Volume Transacted. Volume represents the buying interests. When the price breakout happens without a strong volume, the buying interests can be weak thus lead to a weak momentum or even a false break. Therefore, our M+ Wiz’s trading rules have filtered on this aspect and only identify the Resistance Breakout with High Volume.

Both breakout came with a significantly higher volume in comparison to previous day.

Besides Volume Transacted, another criteria that increased the winning probability of breakout is Price Consolidation at resistance. If share price able to consolidate near the resistance level before the breakout, the breakout is likely to be genuine and strong. It convinces the market that the breakout is valid as buying interests is strong enough to keep the price consolidates at the resistance, rather than strong selling pressure rejection from resistance.

Example 1: ASTRO (6399)

Price has been consolidating near resistance before the breakout

Example 2: HEXZA (3298)

Circled shows the price stalled near the resistance before the breakout

Example 3: DUFU (7233)

Squared box shows the consolidation near the resistance level

Example 1: ASTRO illustrated a consolidation near resistance at RM0.88 area, and bullish signal came in amid the breakout with Marubozu bullish candle.

Example 2: HEXZA which is alerted earlier on [Trend] Support Rebound, made consolidation near resistance of RM0.845. Buying momentum kicked in as the breakout came in with high volume after the consolidation, spiked more than 5% within a day.

Example 3: DUFU has been consolidating at the resistance and had a false break earlier. Yet, the price continued to consolidate near resistance and made second attempts of breakout. This breakout stands a better winning probability due to a higher volume transacted which shown on Box 1 and Box 2.


Last but no least, the probability of winning will be increased if the entry comes amid the MACD is above center line. MACD indicates a positive momentum and trend when it is above the center line.

MACD is above center line, also known as zero-level

In summary, our trading entry for Resistance – Breakout with High Volume can have a higher probability if:-

  1. High volume transacted on breakout
  2. Price been consolidated near resistance before breakout
  3. MACD is above center line

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Insights On Secrets For asian woman for sale

It is not necessarily challenging to obtain Asian ladies in a excellent price tag. You could have the very best Hard anodized cookware young women readily available for affordable costs after you join along with one of the numerous reputable Oriental online dating sites. Here is the best way up to now as much women whilst you wish, so long as you would like, without ever paying out funds to your individual contact information. Here are a few a number of the benefits of using these web sites to date women right from Asian countries.

This is the solution to fulfill women right from Asian countries. Nearly all Asian females happen to be solo, and many Hard anodized cookware females are seeking periods. Dating is growing rapidly what they do. You could find females right from Japan plus make use of their finest characteristics certainly not shell out a dime upon calling these people.

Dating is uncomplicated. It can also be difficult to get Oriental ladies since they usually are afraid in addition to self conscious at first. There are numerous techniques to strategy and make contact with these types of girls. You can give the pictures by electronic mails, come up with a artificial account on a adult dating web-site, or perhaps go down to the local shopping mall in order to find some Oriental women and speak to these people.

Ladies right from Japan have got a great deal to supply. As opposed to adult males from the Western world, females through Asian countries are incredibly fabulous and also have a lot to present. You can easily discover who seem to Oriental women of all ages really are at the local internet site that is specializing in women of all ages through Most of asia.

There are many girls right from Asian countries to pick from. You can actually get Cookware ladies through regional dating websites. They will meet the needs of a number of contests together with ethnicities, in order to have the finest assortment feasible thus far.

Also you can make use of web-sites to discover a newborn sitter for your girl or perhaps nanny. You can even choose a marriage companion. The very best Hard anodized cookware brides will be looking forward to you, and it is not going to price everything to make them.

Send an excellent meaning into a female. You will be allowed to mail a gorgeous concept throughout China, Korean language, Japanese, or Thailänder. These types of mail messages filipino brides will be attracting females, and will be read more quite often.

Thai Submit Purchase Birdes-to-be operates by complementing women of all ages by Asia in order to Traditional western men. Once you are matched up, you can begin online dating Oriental women of all ages. You may use one of many offerings to meet up with a good ladies for everyone.

Many Thailänder Birdes-to-be is usually beautiful, but some are even more serious as compared to others. You will be competent to differentiate between unfortunate Thai Wedding brides in the very good kinds. The bad kinds sends you images that are clearly Photoshopped. The great types will tell you they are through Thailand together with give pictures that are actual.

Most marketers make no Thai Brides are able to marry men who definitely are seriously out of Asia. Thailänder ladies are very impartial and often circumstances they want to move away from a everyday living where these are required to marry. With all the web, finding the right Thailänder ladies can be incredibly easy prior to.

You can get a large number of online sites which have been particularly set up to assist you obtain the best women available for you. Any time you get the perfect lady, you will find that it really is simple to work on obtaining your ex to love you. It is very simple to to have Hard anodized cookware women to be able to adore a person.

There are numerous positive aspects to be able to relationship Hard anodized cookware women of all ages. Hard anodized cookware girls are merely since gorgeous since West females, and the best part is that you simply could easily invest in Cookware ladies while using cash you would include spent on investing in a high priced American bride.

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Uncovering Key Details For Find A Beautifu Wives

Many people are wondering the actual the very best all mail buy brides to be consequently appealing. These women are simply the white-knights in the bachelorette life style.

These individuals aren’t as desperate to look for a hubby as you might believe. They’re merely in search of someone in the same boat and get ended up over the internet in order to find that preferred person. Really genuinely an elaborate con to obtain cash. This kind of tips for purchasing the best deliver order wives or girlfriends will allow you to prevent the sketchy workers.

The most crucial tip is usually to do not have the funds for products before you receive any kind of information regarding over making an attempt. There is absolutely no this sort of idea being a no cost the afternoon meal of course, if one does this you will be sure that you will be getting the most detrimental on the whole lot. You might get standard info about the ladies in order to find that they can usually are precisely what they will seem to be. You’ll wasting your time including greatest you will need spent a fortune in what exactly accomplish spend of your funds.

Yet another thing to consider is certainly how they specify physical exercise. In so many cases they won’t make you indication an application stating this. Whether it’s not mentioned consequently take that as a red flag that you ought not to trust your husband.

Keep in mind, these women are looking for matrimony and if they say they are fit, well, that may be each and every one they are really… committed! Need not tricked simply by physical features.

Women from this specialized niche generally want to be betrothed of course, if you want them to be your maximum source of income consequently be genuine with them. In any other case, they will not become. I had developed an associate exactly who acquired cheated out of her hard-earned funds, and so try not to be that ill-fated.

Trying to find partner over the internet can be extremely easy providing you understand how to still do it. With enough hard work and research you will find a bride that is precisely what you would like. Perform ukraine girls yourself a favor and ensure you have read this document thoroughly prior to you actually initiate.

There isn’t a question which the greatest mailbox buy birdes-to-be take give today , nor require you to end up being cheated in any way. In addition, they do therefore easily and you could easily find them around the net to find a bride designed for marriage.

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Finding a Bride

When you find-bride, there are some items that should be thought to ensure that you get the very best suited a single for you. Find-bride can happen within a few minutes and even an hour. There are many aspects that you need to consider when looking for the best bride.

The age of the bride is important for the bride’s age group in the female’s life. The age of the star of the wedding is also a factor that has a bearing on the wedding’s budget. The time that the bride-to-be can live away from her parents may also impact the number of people who may well go with her. All these tasks have a bearing in the amount of money that bride will cost.

The best man and also the groom ought to know the passionate choices that the woman is enthusiastic about. If the woman is interested in a trip or a cruise, the very best man just might find a good package that will allow designed for the trip. But if the star of the wedding does not contain any affinity for going away, he may still be able to locate a romantic escape package that will be affordable.

The positioning of the marriage ceremony is a big deciding aspect when it comes to finding the best fit meant for the woman. Some places which have been popular among women of all ages are the North Shore of Vancouver as well as the Sunshine Seacoast of British Columbia. Women are likewise fond of additional spots that are well-liked by men such as the Fraser Area of Britich columbia and Burnaby. Both of these areas are spots that offer numerous locations that happen to be situated in exquisite surroundings.

A bride’s body type can also be a key point to consider when she is looking for the perfect match. Generally, a good shape can offer the very best shape for the bride to complement with. You will discover several brides exactly who are very blessed because they have all shapes and sizes. Various other brides usually are not so blessed, astheir body type causes it to become impossible to help them to find the right figure.

The looks of the bride is known as a big deciding factor when it comes to finding the right bridegroom. For example , a bride who has an excellent shape and is not fat is a bad fit meant for the bridegroom. A well groomed groom might be a good suit for this star of the event. And if a bride has a good figure, it is a sure bet that she would fit the soon-to-be husband.

The kind of wedding ceremony and the marriage are elements that also make a difference inside the finding from the ideal birdes-to-be. A formal wedding party with a great deal of guests can be a bad choice for the bride. This can be a good idea on her behalf to have an informal wedding. Invitations and other things for that formal marriage ceremony should be sent out after the bride has selected her groom. Other marriage ceremony details such as wedding invitations, marriage license and other relationship related paperwork should be taken care of before the bridegroom picks his bride.

Finding-bride is usually an exciting portion of the wedding. At the time you find-bride, be capable to determine which usually gazebo or perhaps garden certainly is the right place to hold on to the wedding. You may determine the place of the reception and make a decision on the location of the rehearsal dinner. As you find-bride, you are service like able to determine what kind of announcements and accessories to use.