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Big rally in glove makers; TOPGLOV-C73 and KOSSAN-C6 in the spotlight 

Warrants Commentary (12 May to 15 May)

Last week, trading in the Malaysian warrants space saw significant improvement, surging 53.5% week-on-week (w-o-w) to RM389.0mil although the Bursa Malaysia only opened for four days as it was shut on Monday (11 May) for the Nuzul al-Quran holiday. Interestingly, warrants over the Malaysian shares were in the spotlight as its trading value spiked 139.8% w-o-w to RM242.8mil, making it the major contributor to last week’s overall warrants turnover. Meanwhile, trading in the Hang Seng Index (HSI) warrants were less active last week, representing 26.1% of turnover, followed by the FBM KLCI (KLCI) warrants which made up approximately 6.9%.  Continue reading Big rally in glove makers; TOPGLOV-C73 and KOSSAN-C6 in the spotlight 

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HSI-HAF sustains top position amid holiday-shortened week

The first week of May saw a slight climb in warrants trading activity despite it being another holiday-shortened week as the Malaysian market was closed on Thursday in conjunction with Wesak Day. The total warrants turnover for the week came in at RM257mil, which represented a 14.1% rise compared to the previous week, with warrants over the Hang Seng Index (HSI) taking the top spot with RM111.1mil traded, making up 43.2% of the total warrants turnover, followed by warrants over shares which made up approximately 43.1%, while warrants over the FBM KLCI and S&P 500® Index (SP500) together constituted approximately 13.7%. Continue reading HSI-HAF sustains top position amid holiday-shortened week

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Warrants market winds down for long weekend

The last week of April saw a slowdown in warrants trading activity ahead of the long weekend. The Hong Kong market was shut last Thursday for the Birthday of the Buddha i.e. no market making for warrants over the Hang Seng Index (HSI) and iShares China A50 Index ETF, while both the Malaysia and Hong Kong markets were shut last Friday for Labour Day. Average daily turnover for the week clocked in at RM57.9mil per day, a dip from the previous week’s RM83.6mil, with warrants over the HSI taking up 50.5% of total turnover for the week despite the additional day off. Continue reading Warrants market winds down for long weekend

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Warrants turnover spike 40% amid volatile markets

Overall markets remained volatile last week as the world is still battling the coronavirus outbreak which has negatively impacted economies across the globe. Recently, China recorded the biggest decline in its 1Q20 gross domestic product (GDP) in decades as the country’s economy slumped by 6.8%, mainly dragged by the pandemic. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) projected that global GDP will shrink 3% this year – compared to its pre-pandemic prediction of a 3.3% expansion. The economic contraction may continue into 2021 should the coronavirus continue to linger, marking the deepest dive since the Great Depression (Bloomberg, 14 Apr).   Continue reading Warrants turnover spike 40% amid volatile markets

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M+ Wiz: Getting the Right Trigger

ADVENTA (7191)

ADVENTA (7191) appears to be one of the outperforming stocks that alerted on M+ Wiz today. It was triggered at 9.12AM this morning when the stock was trading at RM0.755. ADVENTA went as high as RM0.975, and closed at RM0.915, with 20.5 cents/28.87% added for the day. 


How ADVENTA is being spotted on our M+ Wiz and under what criteria that it is identified as a high probability trade?


“BUYERS INTACT” detects the stocks that are moving on an uptrend and continue to trade higher. 

Some examples of triggered stocks are as below:

TOPGLOV (7113)


OCNCASH (0049)

CAREPLS (0163)


BUYERS INTACT will be triggered when the price traded higher, mostly active during the morning session. This strategy is suitable for momentum traders and scalpers who trade along with the continuation rally in the share price. 

However, we will need to be aware and also to avoid some of the false alerts triggered. False alert normally happens on some illiquid counters where it meets the algorithm but difficult to trade and sustain the momentum. Examples as below:

GOB (1147)


PEB (5622)


Tricks to select good setup for BUYERS INTACT

In our previous post, we illustrated simple steps to identify high probability trade setup for REDTONE which shot up 32% higher! How about the credentials to identify a good setup for BUYERS INTACT?

Example: ADVENTA

ADVENTA presented a good trading setup as it met following conditions on its 30-min chart:

  1. Price is going on an uptrend 
  2. Rally in price comes along with the uprising in trading volume
  3. Mild profit-taking during the previous day afternoon session
  4. Retracement in the rally comes with a lower volume
  5. MACD crossed/bounced from its 9-days signal line which indicates momentum

If we look into examples above (TOPGLOV, OCNCASH and CAREPLS), we can find similar setup and criteria on the chart. You can find more from our M+ Wiz chart in our platform too! Trading will be easy once we are able to crystalize and identify our high probability trading method.

Hopefully, this will be useful and helps during your trading! Like and Follow us on Facebook to enjoy more information and updates!

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M+ Wiz: Highlights

Did you capture MYCRON & HLT today?


Have you ever wondered, why some of the alerts are highlighted in yellow while some are highlighted in blue? Both MYCRON and HLT are triggered during the first 30-minute of the morning session, and both are highlighted in blue. 

When the alerts are highlighted in blue, it means the particular stock is one of our favorites and momentum picks for the day. These are the counters that definitely worth your attention and spend a minute or two to look through it. For example, MYCRON is one of our momentum picks for the day

MYCRON (5087)


MYCRON is triggered this morning under the Daily Rules: Resistance Breakout with High Volume, and 30-Min Rules: [Trend] Pullback Rebound. It is one of our pick for momentum stocks today as we identified the counter formed bullish engulfing with an increased volume. 

The Mycron Group is in Industrial Products & Services sector, principally engaged in mid-stream steel cold rolled coil manufacturing and steel tube manufacturing business.

HLT (0188)


As of HLT, it is triggered this morning on 30-Min Rules: [Trend] Buyers’ Intact. This rule captures upward trending stocks that poised to go higher and continue its rally. When HLT rebounded and broke above its previous day high with increased volume, it met the rules condition and triggered. 

HLT Global Berhad is in Industrial Products & Services, principally engaged in the design, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of glove-dipping lines.


The daily chart of HLT illustrates the price is going on a strong uptrend, in accordance with the increased demand of glove amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

On the other hand, the yellow highlighted counters are those counters added into your Favorite List. This helps you to be alerted when your preferred and potential counters are triggered on our strategies while monitoring alerts on other counters.


As mentioned during our Facebook Live session on 20th April 2020, REDTONE (0032) is one of the stocks that we are monitoring closely. It has broken above the consolidation resistance while the price is staying above 20-days Moving Average with MACD is above the centerline.

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HSI-H8M still active but lower turnover as expiry looms


The Malaysia warrants market saw softer trading activity last week with RM290.4mil traded, 21.2% lower than the prior week. The decline can be attributed to a shorter trading week for the Hang Seng Index (HSI) as the Hong Kong market was shut on Monday (13 Apr) in conjunction with the Easter holiday. Yet, warrants over the HSI still dominated the warrants space with a RM160.0mil turnover, approximately 56.4% of the total warrants market. Continue reading HSI-H8M still active but lower turnover as expiry looms