Intraday Short Selling

During the World Capital Markets Symposium 2018,┬áit was announced that the Intraday Short Selling (IDSS) will be available to every investor. If you have not heard of short selling, here’s a little explanation below



Basically, IDSS will allow you to sell a stock that you have yet owned. Thus, it provides you the possibility to profit in both a bull and a bear market! Interested? To activate the IDSS function, you will be required to visit one of our branches or contact your dealer/remisier to submit the IDSS forms. For further information, do drop us a message over at Facebook or email our support, or contact our hotline at 1300 22 1233.

Checkout the list of counters available for IDSS here

You can also submit your details below, and our Licensed Dealers will contact you to provide you with more information!