Sizing up a company in 3 minutes

Want to know more about our latest Fundamental Analysis course? Here’s a little preview to get you in the mood.

A News Report Reads that the Revenue/Sales for Company A has grown 12 times over 5 years. Net Profit also rose 2 and a 1/2 times over the same 5 year period. What happens next to the price chart?


Because of that, the price of the stock jumped from 0.60 to almost 4.00, more than 400% return in a span of 1 year. What happens after that?


Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Have you invested or plan to invest in a public listed company (PLC) but have absolutely no clue where to start and what to look for? And for those who have invested, how many of you really understand a company’s financials as an investor or as a shareholder of the PLC?

Learn how to avoid scenarios like these by learning how to size up (understand) a company in just 3 minutes by acquiring the skills for reading financial reports.

By attaining those skills, you will be able to avoid companies like Company A above and instead, find companies like Company B below.


Sleeping… sleeping for 20 years and then suddenly…


After attending this interactive and actionable workshop, you will be able to read financial reports like a financial professional and avoid being at the losing end of the stock market.

Learn why we AVOIDED Sapura Energy, Sumatec, Oilcorp, UMW Oil & Gas (now Velesto Energy) from the very beginning…

But instead, find out how we profited from stocks like Nestle, Padini, KESM and more.

Topics covered

  • The Language of Business: Financial Statement Analysis
  • Interpretation of key figures, Net Profit, Dividends, Dividend Payout Ratios, Operating Cash Flow & Free Cash Flow
  • How to avoid value traps and find out if you are buying into a company without basis
  • Understand the concept of partial ownership and simple valuation of a business
  • Learn how to use technology to simplify valuation

Learn more about our Trainer, John Huo