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At Malacca Securities, we are committed to train world-class elite traders and provide them with the necessary knowledge and edge to make real money in the market.

Whether it’s a foundation or advanced course, our classes provide you and thousands of other traders with the trading fundamentals, strategies and techniques that matter in the real world.

You will get real trading knowledge…rock-solid foundation…..true trading tips…. real-life charts and indicators …..networking opportunities with fellow master traders and technicians…. ….and much, much more.

As added value to all our courses, you will also get the insights of our renown and elite data scientists, programmers and proprietary traders that work the proprietary algorithm trading desk of Malacca Securities for global and local institutional funds and high net-worth clients in our Algorithm Trading division.

Whether it is our powerful trading algorithm that you can use to your benefit under our mPower Algorithm program or you choose to take advantage of our mPower Trading program, you will find it a priceless experience of interacting with real-life elite traders from our Algorithm Trading division.

You know that the business world is changing with newer companies and businesses in new-age industries replacing the traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses.

And the investment markets are also seeing newer financial technologies (fintech) such as automated investing and trading software, robo-advisers, social media wealth management platforms and artificial intelligence.

According to a financial technology report by US stock exchange Nasdaq, recent advances in technologies such as blockchain, cloud computing, machine intelligence, behavioral science, and other areas will provide financial players with the opportunity to literally rewrite tomorrow and drive the trading industry forward in entirely new ways.

Whether you choose to learn the basics of trading or you wish to advance to learn the latest trends in the world of trading is up to you.

It doesn’t matter.

What matter is that you take the effort to learn from the best and network with fellow elite traders in our classes.

Don’t let the trading edge you need slip past you.

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