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What is it?

M+ Live Beat is a Live Matched trade alert system from Bursa Market. The system monitors the 30-minute price movement conditions to report an earlier alert signal as compared to Daily+

The trade alerts are reported along the accumulation to uptrend direction in the typical stock market price movement cycle.

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A typical stock market price movement cycle.

What does it track?

  1. Initial Rebound : 01_Initial_Rebound
  2. Confirm Rebound : 02_Confirm_Rebound
  3. Rebound before Uptrend : 03_Rebound_Before_Uptrend
  4. Early Uptrend : 04_Early_Uptrend
  5. Pullback Rebound : 05_Pullback_Rebound
  6. Uptrend Intact : 06_Uptrend_Intact
  7. Daily Momentum Breakout : 07_Daily_Momentum_Breakout
  8. Daily Near 200 Breakout : 08_Daily_Near200_Breakout

Check out how the alerts are triggered

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Tactic 5 , 6

FPI is triggered at 9.01am with “05_Pullback_Rebound” above RM1.17 level. During 9.01am to 9.30am, the price has advanced towards RM1.21 and stayed within. The immediate target level is the recent high at RM1.22. At 2.34pm, the price advances through rm1.22 by triggering “06_Uptrend_Intact” and stays beyond.

Note: Conservatively, one could have gained RM0.050 (RM1.17 to RM1.22) from the trade. If one could have commited 10 lots, that would generate an estimated RM500 per trade.

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Tactic 1, 2 ,5

YOCB is alerted at 9:16am with “01_Initial_Rebound”. From 9:16am to 9:30am, the YOCB price advances from RM1.43 to RM1.47, where “02_Confirm_Rebound” and “05-Pullback_Rebound” are triggered too. Finally, at 9:30am the price closes at RM1.45. From 9:16am to 9:30am, any trader could have possibly transacted the best price at RM1.43 and the worst case at RM1.47, and the nominal price at RM1.45 where the daily Bollinger Band 20 middle band at.

After 9:30am, the next immediate target price could have been envisaged toward recent high around RM1.49. In between 11:30am to 12:00 noon, the price advances toward the anticipated price at RM1.49.

Note: Conservatively, one could have bought at RM1.45 and queued to sell at RM1.48 that could have gained RM0.03 per share safely. If one were to committed 10 lots that could have benefited with estimated RM300.00 per such trade and so on with higher multiple

Live Beat Image-05

Tactic 3, 4

MAYBULK is triggered at 10:38am with “03_Rebound_Before_Uptrend” above RM0.720 level. One could possibly target toward moving average line 200 at RM0.750 level. At 2.43pm, the price advances through RM0.750 by triggering “04_Early Uptrend” and stay beyond steadily.

Note: Conservatively, one could have gained RM0.030 (RM0.750-0.720) from the trade, If one could have committed 10 lots, that would equivalent to an estimated of RM300 per trade or so on with higher multiple

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Tactic 1, 2

CRESBLD is triggered at 2:38pm with “01_Initial_Rebound” above RM1.01 level. During 2:38pm to 3:00pm, the price is hovering between RM1.01 to RM1.03. The immediate target could be near RM1.05 where daily Bollinger Band 20 middle band is located. At 3:45pm, the price advances through RM1.05 by triggering “02_Confirm_Rebound” and “05_Pullback_Rebound” and stay beyond RM1.05 toward RM1.10.

Note: Conservatively, one could have bought at RM1.01 and queued sell at RM1.05 to gain RM0.040 from the trade. That would equivalent to an estimate of gaining RM400 for 10 lots commitment or so on for higher multiple

Live Broadcast on the Chart!

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M+ Live Beat will be a game changer for simplifying your effort to look for that ultimate stock.

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