mPower: Algorithm Program

It is said that only a small percentage of traders & investors dominate the profits made in the market. This is due to the fact that a lot of individuals enter the market without any prior knowledge of the correct stock and time to trade.  Thus, you would be entering or exiting the wrong stock at the absolutely wrong moment along with a wrong risk exposure. Which results in a loss almost every time.

Can you get the edge they have? But you can’t afford the money and time to reinvent the wheel so to speak.

To join these niche group of profit traders and investors (we call them smart traders), you need to act like them and use the same system and tool that they use. But the gap is getting bigger. Why?

This is because the market is changing and the system and tools these niche traders are using are changing too. Artificial intelligence, programmed trading, automation and financial technologies are just some of the trends that will dominate the trading of the future and the smart traders are getting into the pie now to preserve their dominance.

Today, the future trend is for trading and investment houses to employ mega-salaried data scientists, or “quants,” who program ultra-sophisticated algorithms to predict market trends and pinpoint particular trades. We are talking cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, multi-million-dollar programs that utilize the latest in technological programming to analyse and make sense of millions and billions of bytes of data in seconds to consistently help their traders and investors be ahead of the market.

Our local market is changing and the smart traders are changing too.

Whether you are a retailer or institution, you need to keep your trading edge over them and the new trends.

Introducing Malacca Securities’ state-of-the-art mPOWER ALGORITHM program, a trading program and system that utilises sophisticated and specialised mathematical and statistical algorithm and large-scale data analytics of price, volume and volatility movements in the whole market and individual stocks to identify trading opportunities in any stock and reap returns from their timely entry and exit in the stock price.

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What will you get exactly under mPower Algorithm?


Local (Bursa Malysia)

  • Timely power stocks on the move
  • The right sectors and themes to trade
  • Early entry trades and timely exit
  • Market and indices outlook
  • Acceleration stock trades (on demand)
  • Intra-day stock trades (on demand)
  • Portfolio stocks (on demand) – Institution
  • Portfolio asset allocation (on demand) – Institution
  • Multi-time frame portfolio (on demand) – Institution



Global markets and stocks (on demand) – Institution

  • US, Europe, Australia, North Asia and South Asia (ASEAN)
    (South America and Africa not covered)



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