mPower Algorithm Team


The Malacca Securities Quantitative Trading and Analytics Division houses the elite data scientists, programmers and proprietary traders that work the proprietary algorithm trading desk of Malacca Securities for global and local institutional funds and high net-worth clients.

We cut our teeth in the trading business on both the buy side and sell sides of the securities industry in research, trading and fund management. We have been through all the major bull and bear markets locally and worldwide since the 1990’s and have always been passionate on trading.

Our team members had previously held various senior posts at large stockbroking and fund management companies such as Senior Analyst, Head Of Research, Fund Manager, Head Of Investment, etc. so you can be pretty sure we know what we are talking about whether the issues are on fundamentals, technical or quantitative. We have seen them all.


While we are fundamentalists at heart having started from the sell side of the industry and then moving into the buy side, we always find that trading and fund management are both a science and art. There are too many things to do research on and to track daily and when you have to help monitor, researching and reporting on stocks portfolio in more than 30 fund portfolios running into tens of billions in fund management value, things start to get complicated what with performance, risk assessment, management, compliance, and administrative works all thrown in.

That’s when we realize we need to rely on advances in technologies and move on with the times in striving to deliver above-average performance with ease and near certainty. The investment world globally today is ruled by quantitative analysis and algorithm trading and there may come a time when machines may do all the work. They already do in many areas in trading.

We are unique as we combine our fundamental skills with machineability so you always get the best of both human and machine capability with us. Yet we acknowledge with further new explosive technological advances like artificial intelligence and quantum computing, and having seen the power of our own proprietary Master Algorithm, the world of the machine in trading looks forever more tempting.

It’s just human nature that as traders, we are always greedy for above-average and supernormal performance at the least cost, time and effort involved and if machines and algorithms can help us to do this, why not?

Our Master Algorithm uses sophisticated, complex and specialized mathematical and statistical algorithm and large-scale data analytics of price, volume and volatility movements in the whole market and individual stocks to identify trading opportunities in any stocks and reap returns from their timely entry and exit in the stock price.

The benefits of the algorithm in trading is beyond doubt and needs no further advocation by us (download a copy of our exclusive private report for niche clients on how our algorithm can supercharge your returns here). The quants rule in trading globally using machine and algorithm capability will only continue to grow in dominance for the future and this is the area that we excel in.

With combined risk safeguards and immense algorithm profit capabilities (of course), we use our proprietary Master Algorithm to serve local and global institutional and pension funds requirements, for our own renown mPower Trading and mPower Algorithm programs and to cater to individual client custom-made needs.

Whether it is stocks or other asset classes, locally or globally, in whatever time frame analysis, we are always ready to meet our client demands. We believe our portfolio and macro/micro analysis is surpassed by none of our competitors.

We thrive on above-average and supernormal performance as we are always early on any new moves and trends and are always out early before they end as our algorithm analyses millions of data daily and thus, nothing and nobody can likely hide their tracks in the market from it.

We are always upgrading the algorithm (it’s mathematical and complicated) but it’s amazing how easily we see the market and price movement nowadays and track the smart money and institutional moves and ride on them.


We acknowledge that many of the things we do are proprietary and confidential as we see no near competitor to what we do. Our clients demand exclusivity, secrecy and above-average to supernormal performance from us and we are always raising the bar to deliver our best.

While we are pretty obscure as we work with a very exclusive and niche group of clients and you won’t see us often in person as we work in the restricted trading room floor, you can still network with us at the various correspondence formats mentioned and perhaps chance upon us at the latest financial technology (fintech) conference in town.

While we publish a small part of our work and findings to help fellow traders especially at critical market junctures, our best strategies and performance are always reserved for clients.

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