Technical Analysis 101


Technical Analysis, you often heard of it from your family or friends who are trading stocks? We’ll review some of the methods that you’ll be able to use in your stock trading journey. It is an essential tool that will help you spot potential stocks out there.

First off, the below is a method of anticipating an increase in stock price by the study of candlestick pattern.
(Source: Technical Analysis 101 slides)

Three White Soldiers

A usual expectation after such patterns would result in an increase in the stock price.

Apart from looking at a single or a few candlesticks, we could also look at a chart as a whole, as depicted below.


As shown above, we could see a breakout in the stock price with such pattern after breaking above the resistance. The method of studying a chart pattern would be of longer term as it requires a certain period for the chart pattern to be formed.

These are just a tip of the iceberg, there are ultimately more ways to predict the outcome of a stock. It requires a lot of effort to study and understand the different methods in Technical Analysis. At M+ Online we provide seminars and course to enable traders and investors to get a better hold of Technical Analysis.

We also crafted a course especially for beginners as well as those who wish to improve their understanding of Technical Analysis. The course covers a few topics that would be paramount for beginners as shown below

• Candle Stick Formation
• Technical Indicators
• Chart Formation
• Risk Management
• Trading Strategies
• Portfolio Management

At M+ Online, we believe that it is important to understand the basics before starting your first trades.

Still not convinced? Here’s a testimonial from our satisfied students.

Thank You Haziq for your comment, you’re awesome too! Glad you liked the One-Cross-Four method 😉


Also a little comment from another client:

“It (Technical Analysis 101) has helped me understand all the basic theories on Technical Analysis. What I like about the course would be that Stevent is more of a practical person, giving us a lot of insights on real-life trading which is very helpful for a beginner like me.

Stevent provided us with a lot of constructive advice. Whatever I learned will definitely open up future opportunities for me in the stock market.

As for the downside, it would be that the course lacked advertisement, thus, the number of participants were too less to allow more lifely interaction throughout the day.” – Mr Chong Hong Kiat

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The Technical Analysis 101 has been launched since the early of the year, it has definitely benefited a lot of our clients and students. We’re sure it will definitely benefit you as well! If you still aren’t convinced, we’ll drop in a limited time deal just for you!

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