Trading Room – Terms of Use

All information and views expressed in the Trading Room report are for general information and trading education only and are subject to changes without notice at any time and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any traded markets or listed securities.

The Trading Room functions to educate and aid its like-minded thinking members only (members being those who personal particulars like name and email address among others are identified in our possession) in among others, trading psychology and using technical or algorithm indicators or other information to identify market trends, opportunities, risks and conditions.

These indicators and information are however just guidelines to interpret such market factors above and are neither complete, fool-proof nor accurate at all times and do not constitute an investment advice and are solely for educational purposes only.

We do not provide investment advice whether implied or express in our materials. You must seek advice or help from a licensed investment adviser if you require investment advice, in your country of jurisdiction.

You should understand and be aware that trading in traded instruments involves more considerations than just using the study of Technical Analysis, trading psychology, trading algorithm or other indicators alone. For example, you should study the fundamentals of the company, industry and country that the instrument is listed in. We advise you to consult with your licensed investment adviser before attempting any real-life trading or investments in the marketplace.

You should also not at any instance solely rely on the educational and informational materials from the Trading Room, which are not at any time or in any form (whether express or implied in the materials) intended to provide investment advice to you or make any investment decisions for you or constitute a recommendation to you or anybody else to buy, hold or sell any instruments or markets. Rather, you should use the information only as a starting point for you in doing additional independent research in order to allow you to form your own opinion and consideration regarding your trading or investment in consultation with your licensed adviser.

All materials from the Trading Room are educational in nature and illustrate only educational or hypothetical situations of the usage of technical, fundamental, algorithm or other indicators to assess market or stock conditions. You should not assume that the educational methods, techniques or indicators presented to you as a member will be profitable or that they will not result in losses. Past results and simulated returns are not necessarily indicative of future returns or results. You must also be aware that hypothetical or simulated performance results do not represent the additional risk involved in actual trading or investment results.

You have the responsibility to assess and decide what is your own investment objective, philosophy and portfolio or stock selection. You must also be aware that any real-life trading and investment involves a high degree of risk and liability. All information provided by the Trading Room specifically in its content to members is for informational and educational purposes only solely for its members and not for public consumption at large.

Malacca Securities Sdn Bhd, its staffs, clients and associates may or may not have positions in the markets and instruments highlighted in the Trading Room in their normal course of business and/or in other circumstances and these positions may change at any point in time.