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The Trading Room is a web report for real-life smart traders in the market and is prepared by Malacca Securities Algorithm Trading Division, which houses the elite data scientists, programmers and proprietary traders that work the proprietary algorithm trading desk of Malacca Securities.

We publish a small part of our work and findings to help fellow traders, especially at critical market junctures.

Our Algorithm Trading Division uses a sophisticated, complex and specialized mathematical and statistical algorithm and large-scale data analytics of price, volume and volatility movements in the whole market and individual stocks to identify trading opportunities in any stocks and reap returns from their timely entry and exit in the stock price.

All information and views expressed in the Trading Room report herein and below are for general information and trading education only and are subject to changes without notice at any time and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any traded markets or listed securities. Please refer to the Terms of Use here.

You should consult your licensed dealer representative or investment adviser for investment advice or if you intend to perform live trades in the market or on any listed securities.

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Trading Room Updates

Daily Updates

Hot Sector Media Sector: Will other media stocks rally in sympathy? 28th Jan 2019
Hot Sector The winners in the Banking sector 25th Jan 2019
Hot Sector Will the rally in Plantation stocks continue as CPO price hits five-month high? 24th Jan 2019
Hot Sector Seeking shelter in REITS 23rd Jan 2019
Market IMF cuts global economic growth but how will markets react? 22nd Jan 2019
Trading The importance of Position Sizing in your trading system: Part 2 16th Jan 2019
Trading The importance of Position Sizing in your trading system: Part 1 14th Jan 2019
Market Rising risks in Western markets? 14th Jan 2019
Hot Sector Trading and tracking Insurance stocks for opportunities 11th Jan 2019
Hot Sector Missed the Construction stocks rebound play? 10th Jan 2019
Hot Sector How to play sector rotation and make alpha (outperform) 9th Jan 2019
Market Market – Bull opportunity or bull trap in local and global markets? 7th Jan 2019
Hot Sector Hot Sector – When to (really) buy back Technology stocks? 4th Jan 2019
Announcement Special Message for 2019 3rd Jan 2019
Portfolio The future is algorithm trading and big data analytics whether it’s a bull or bear market in 2019 31st Dec 2018
Hot Sector Where is the low of the downcycle for oil price? 27th Dec 2018
Trading Trend following or top/bottom picker, which road should a trader take in the market? 26th Dec 2018
Market Which global stock markets are strong and which are in deep bear? 24th Dec 2018
Market Bullish on emerging vs developed markets in 2019 21st Dec 2018
Market What, when and where to buy stocks for rebound on Bursa Malaysia? 18th Dec 2018
Market The state of global markets and KLCI 17th Dec 2018
Hot Sector Trading the excellent volatility in Oil and Gas stocks 14th Dec 2018
Hot Stocks E-Govt players fall like dominoes 13th Dec 2018
Trading How to trade and win in the market (without being overworked and burnt-out)? 11th Dec 2018
Market When will the sparks fly again globally? 10th Dec 2018
Market US Dow plunged 780 points on Thursday and then rebounded violently 7th Dec 2018
Hot Sector When to buy Plantation stocks at their lows? 6th Dec 2018
Market What is really happening in the US Stock Market and Should you worry? 5th Dec 2018
Hot Sector Can banking stocks reverse the market downtrend? 4th Dec 2018
Trading Invest and empower in yourself to get your trading edge over others in the market 3rd Dec 2018
Market Truce in global trade war, how should you trade? 3rd Dec 2018
Hot Sector Should you seek refuge in rubber glove stocks? 30th Nov 2018
Hot Sector Which consumer stocks to hold and trade? 29th Nov 2018
Hot Stocks Where to trade Genting, Genting Malaysia and OWG? 28th Nov 2018
Trading Man vs. Machines: Part 3 of a Continuing Series on “How Algorithm Trading Can Supercharge Your Trading Profit” 26th Nov 2018
Portfolio How to trade the FBM KLCI 30 stocks? 22nd Nov 2018
Hot Sector How to trade the Technology sector? 21st Nov 2018
Trading What is the best trading signal to use in the market? 19th Nov 2018
Trading Man vs. Machines: Part 2 of a Continuing Series on “How Algorithm Trading Can Supercharge Your Trading Profit” 16th Nov 2018
Market Commodities prices outlook adding to market worries or hope? 15th Nov 2018
Trading Man vs. Machines: Part1 of a Continuing Series “How Algorithm Trading can supercharge your Trading Profit” 13th Nov 2018
Trading The greatest skill of a master trader: The art of doing nothing? 12th Nov 2018
Trading The mistake of relying on past successes 9th Nov 2018
Market U.S. Election Results: Will it work out? 8th Nov 2018
Trading Beware of Trades of Emotions & Euphoria 8th Nov 2018
Hot Stocks How to trade Genting and Genting Malaysia 7th Nov 2018
Institutional How to trade the aftermath of Budget 2019 5th Nov 2018
Hot Stock Trading Plan review (updated) for Prestariang, MYeg, Hibiscus & AirAsia X 5th Nov 2018
Trading The fear of risk syndrome 2nd Nov 2018
Hot Stock How to trade AirAsia X 2nd Nov 2018
Market Has the tide turned? 1st Nov 2018
Trading When trades go wrong 1st Nov 2018
Hot Stock How to trade Prestrariang? 31st Oct 2018
Hot Stock How to trade Hibiscus Petroleum? 31st Oct 2018
Trading Trade Smarter, Not Harder 30th Oct 2018
Hot Stock How to trade MYeg Services? 30th Oct 2018
Market A rose under the winter snow 29th Oct 2018
Market How elite bulls can prosper in a bear market 29th Oct 2018
Market Market – Projecting high-probability bottoms in advance 26th Oct 2018
Hot Sector Hot Stocks: What to do with O&G stocks now? 25th Oct 2018
Market Hot Markets: Global & US-It’s hard to say goodbye 25th Oct 2018
Market Blood in the Streets? 24th Oct 2018
Hot Stock Hot Stocks – E-Government service players 23rd Oct 2018
Greed or Fear Which to choose this week? 22nd Oct 2018
Market Government & Bursa – Where are they heading? 19th Oct 2018
Hot Sector LRT3 receive’s Government’s green light 18th Oct 2018
Market US Stocks rose sharply on Tuesday 17th Oct 2018
Market Pockets of strength appearing in some sector 16th Oct 2018
Market Rebound expected for the week 15th Oct 2018
Market selldown brings fear and misery but we are flush with cash 12th Oct 2018
Algorithm The Algorithm gives early warning signal 11th Oct 2018
Market Critical juncture for Markets 8th Oct 2018
Greed or Fear The FAANG stocks in US and what they are telling us 5th Oct 2018
Hot Sector Make hay while the sun shines in oil and gas stocks 3rd Oct 2018
Hot Stock How and which oil and gas stocks to trade now 1st Oct 2018

Intraday Updates

Pre-Opening Review 8.45am 30th Jan 2019
Lunch Break Review 12.45pm 30th Jan 2019

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