Trading Room

The Trading Room is a web report by Malacca Securities Algorithm Trading Division, which houses the elite data scientists, programmers and proprietary traders that work the proprietary algorithm trading desk of Malacca Securities.

We use sophisticated, complex and specialised mathematical and statistical algorithm and large-scale data analytics of price, volume and volatility movements in the whole market and individual stocks to identify trading opportunities in any stocks and reap returns from their timely entry and exit in the stock price.

All information and views expressed in the Trading Room report herein and below are for general information and trading education only and are subject to changes without notice at any time and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any traded markets or listed securities.

You should consult your licensed dealer representative or investment adviser for investment advice or if you intend to perform live trades in the market or on any listed securities.

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Rebound expected for the week 15th Oct 2018